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Rumors have reached the free city of Gate’s Pass that the Emperor Drakus Coaltongue has been slain. No one knows for sure why. The powers-that-be are jockeying for position to see who will control the remains of the Ragesian Empire.

A leading contender for power is Leska, leader of the Ragesian Inquisitors, clerics specialized in countermagic. One of Coaltongue’s key lieutenants, Leska has decreed The Scourge in which all disloyal users of arcane magic are to be tracked down and killed to prevent future threats to the empire.

A Ragesian army now marches for Gate’s Pass. Most of the city leaders have decided that cooperation with the Ragesians is best. They have barred exit from the city and plan to deliver magic users to Leska’s Sourge.

More spirited citizens of Gate’s Pass, along with others who fear or oppose the Ragesian Empire, have formed a resistance movement devoted to keeping the Ragesians out and Gate’s Pass independent.

It is New Year’s Eve and the Ragesian army has nearly arrived. The party has a rendezvous with Torrent, a member of the resistance. She has a mission for them that will involve escaping from the city.

PC Motivations

When creating your character, consider why he/she wants to help Torrent. Here are some sample motivations, but feel free to invent others:

1) your PC is a member of the resistance, either from Gate’s Pass or from another country/area who is worried about Ragesian influence

2) you are a patriotic citizen of Gate’s Pass and do not wish to see it lose its independence

3) you are a magic user needing to escape The Scourge

Penlin's Burning Sky

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